2023 Updates

    • Our exclusive on-location meet & greet event with your favorite celebrities returns on June 2nd and 3rd, 2023.
    •  JUST ADDED: Bill Randolph! This brings our reunion celebrity count to TEN. Don’t miss this epic event!
    • There are currently tickets available for all entry times, but the earlier entry times will be the first to sell out.
    • PLEASE NOTE: We warned fans when tickets for our Friday, October 13th tours were running low. After selling out, we have heard from MANY fans asking if additional tickets will be added. Don’t let this happen to you – get your tickets today for the best selection of dates and times.
    • MAY: ALL TICKETS have been released for our May tour sessions and the early bird discounts still apply for these final tickets. A few of these sessions now have less than 10 tickets remaining. Be sure to take advantage of this special pricing while it lasts.
    • AUGUST: The extended tours taking place during out August event are almost sold out. There are still tickets available for our Friday night and Saturday night lakefront tour & movie combos.
    • If you have joined our ticket waitlist, be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox as we continue to release tickets beyond the initial early bird tickets for our 2023 tours. If you need to update your ticket waitlist email address, please click here.
  • SHOPPING ON AMAZON? Please use this Amazon link to help us out. Amazon will donate a small portion of your sale to our efforts and it won’t cost you a dime.
  • GROUP RATES:  Want to attend with a group of friends? Group rates are available starting at 10 tickets. Free gift pack for the group organizer! Contact us for info.
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM:  Do you have a horror / Friday the 13th fan following? Take a moment to apply for our affiliate program and help promote our events.
  • WATCH NOW:  Already have your 2023 tickets? Grab some popcorn and watch the movie one more time!
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