September 2019: The largest cast & crew reunion in 40 years!

On behalf of all the volunteer tour guides and the rest of the Scouting community, we would like to thank all of the September 2019 tour attendees for their support and generosity.  All profit from the event will go directly towards our restoration projects at the camp.

Our 14th and 15th tours drew fans from 42 states and 7 countries!  With 7 cast & crew, this was also the largest reunion since the filming of the movie 40 years ago.  Absolutely amazing! We really enjoy providing these experiences and we hope you had a great time during your stay.

We would like to thank each and every attendee for making this event a massive success.  You are now part of NoBe’s history which stretches all the way back to 1927.  As an ambassador of our tour, please tell your fellow fans about your experience and please discourage anyone from trying to enter the property outside of an official tour.  Trespassers on the youth camping property make it very difficult for us to get permission to run these tours.  Thanks for your help!

Finally, we would like to thank Adrienne, Jeannine, Robbi, Ron, Harry, Tom, Taso and C and V Promotions for making this event even more special for our fans.  The memories from this weekend will certainly last a lifetime.  Until we meet again…

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