Framed Log Slice – “Alice’s Cabin”


Framed slice of reclaimed log.  Details below.

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Mechanics Lodge was built on the hill above Sand Pond in the late 1920s, 50 years before it was featured as Alice’s cabin in Friday the 13th, Part 1. A major restoration project in 2009 resolved issues with a number of rotten or infested logs. A few of the replaced logs were saved from this project and are now available as a very unique gift.

You’ll receive a log slice mounted in a handcrafted frame. The frame is also made of wood reclaimed from the camp. These logs are very old and each log slice will be completely unique. The thickness will vary based on the condition of the log it was cut from. The level of insect damage varies from slice to slice. The frame is approx 13″ square and will vary based on the reclaimed wood used to build the frame and the size of the log. Please see the detailed images for an example. There are a limited number of these available – get yours today before they are gone forever!

Each framed log slice has a label on the back that certifies the source.

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