How is the 2023 Reunion different from the 2019 reunion?

We have had a lot of excited fans asking about the Crystal Lake Reunion taking place this June. To help out other fans, we thought we would sum up some of the more frequently asked questions here. Hope to see you in June!

At the time of the last reunion, there were relatively few fans that had attended one of our guided tours. After surveying a huge group of fans, we decided to offer a jam-packed day including a tour, celebrity meet & greet and a movie screening. It was a crazy, non-stop day of excitement and exhaustion – and except for a little rain on Saturday, things went really well. The attendee survey feedback from that event was overwhelmingly positive. It was the first time we had ever attempted a large scale reunion, so we were very pleased with the results.

Needless to say, a lot has changed since 2019. Prior to the pandemic, we were hosting just one or two tour events per year. Due to the Covid related camping restrictions, we were able to formalize our tours into a more regular program with a larger number of events taking place each year. A few years later, we have had the pleasure of meeting SO many more fans during our tours.

When we started thinking about another reunion, we combed through the 2019 feedback and then designed an event to build on our previous success while matching the current requests from our fans:

  • With so many fans having already been on a tour, this event is more focused on an amazing meet & greet. Removing the tours from this event will remove much of the down time experienced at the last reunion when fans were finished with their meet & greet session and waiting for the tours to start. If you are more interested in a guided tour, don’t worry – we have many tour options available in the 2023 calendar.
  • The previous reunion meet & greet took place under a huge unappealing white tent near our dining hall. Since the filming set won’t be tied up with tours, this meet & greet will move to the heart of the set in and around our iconic cabins. There is nothing more surreal than meeting our guests on the actual set. If you’re the type of fan that likes a special photo op, get ready for some incredible photos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • Each fan comes to this event with different goals in mind. Some fans only need a few photos and autographs. Instead of having to wait until dark to watch the movie (9pm in June), we will have the movie playing all day in our dining hall where fans can take a break to watch their favorite scenes just moments after meeting the celebrities on the filming set.
  • Tickets for the sold-out 2019 reunion were one-size-fits-all at $395 each. The timed entry at the 2023 reunion will allow fans to choose the amount of time they would like to spend at the event at a cost of up to 57% less than the 2019 price. The earlier morning tickets will benefit from more overall time at the event and a smaller group of fans in the initial hours.

As for the VIP overnight experience:

  • We will be operating at about 60% of our previous capacity to reduce the number of fans in each cabin. We expected this smaller number of tickets to sell fast and yes, they are already sold out.
  • The VIP price has not changed since 2019 and now also includes a private dinner with our celebrity guests and a private movie screening. The Friday night experience is discounted to the lowest VIP price ever due to the reduced time we will have available on Saturday morning before the reunion event restarts.

Is that all? Of course not – but you know how we like to keep a few surprises.

As always, thanks for your continued support of all of the worthy causes that our events contribute to. These events fund many projects and youth camping programs throughout the Northern New Jersey Council, BSA. Beyond all of the great things happening at the camp, we have also now raised over $23,000 for Happiness is Camping, another camp just around the bend that provides a free summer camp program for children with cancer.

Are we excited for this reunion? You bet. On behalf of all of the camp alumni that work hard to bring these events to life, we THANK YOU for your continued support and hope to see you at camp in June!

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